Blogging or Not

Another start for blogging about my software development adventures. This is the second time for me on blogging and first time was good for about 6 months,
but after that I dropped and go back to hard work. Generally I like sharing but writing is a habit to build up and last time it was not building very well :)


Name is Volkan N. Metin and I am a father of 2 kids, computer engineer, a developer, a software architect and a development manager. Dealing with software development for the last 15 years. During this period, I started with C/C++, than a little JAVA, after that Microsoft .NET C#, now more on JavaScript and NodeJS.

Currently, I am living in Istanbul and looking for a relocation but I believe I need to push more for a while. I am not a native english speaker so do not hesitate to edit me.

What is the Content of This Blog?

Generally all staff regarding life and software development, but this is dedicated to NodeJS development efforts. I have started with NodeJS last year so for NodeJS, you can call me a junior still. The content of this blog is as the name suggests more of an adventure of me with Node. Please note that this is not a NodeJS tutorial like blog, but more on concentrating to the tips, tricks and how to do some not straight forward things with Node.

Starting With Express

When I started with NodeJS, I first encountered with express. Express is a web framework for Node. What I can tell you is if you are planning to learn NodeJS and google for it, this is one of the first npm package you fall into. You can write Web Applications or Web Apis with it and learning it is pretty straight forward.

Before going forward, I would like to mention that NodeJS is not a web server. defines it as an asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime. So you can write your own console application, server / client application, a very complex game, etc.

The power of NodeJS;

  • Light-weight
  • Single Threaded
  • Event driven
  • Non-blocking

I haven’t gone into the hood of NodeJS yet, but current experience with NodeJS concurancy is awesome.

Another power of NodeJS is its standard package ecosystem npm, which is the biggest open source library ecosystem. Generally when you want to program something with NodeJS, you generally cannot do it from scratch. Becuase there is already a npm package for it. :)

PS : From now on Node = NodeJS (I was going to find and replace Node with NodeJS in my post but this is how node guys also does. Ubuntu release even confused what should be the node binary name – nodejs or node :))