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Coding is always fun when you are learning new stack or programming language and while learning, we are not always following the standard naming conventions or coding styles.

However coding style is very important if you are working within a project that contains multiple developers. Every software company can have their own standards, but applying this style for all projects is the hard part to manage.

So a common understanding of way of writing the code is one of the best practices that we have to follow. Some advantages of coding standards I can think of;

  • Easy to read someone elses code
  • Avoid simple mistakes
  • Easy maintanence
  • Less technical dept

Today I will talk about one of the most popular npm package standard for coding style of JavaScript. Why this is so popular, is that you do not need to make different configurations for your project. Only install it as a development dependency.
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JavaScript Type Definitions and NPM Packages

in NodeJS

Strong Type or Not

I enjoy writing JavaScript without depending on strong type definitions, but if you can somehow understand the parameter expectaction of a function, than it is realy helpful during development, even that function accepts any type of parameter(s).

Most JavaScript editors are capable of showing coding information, while you are writing. Even though, _vi_ (vim) is my favorite, default vim is lacking of high level productivity tools. Currently, I am using Visual Studio Code (VSCode), which is working on all well know OS and has great addons like code highlighting, code snippets and intellisense.

On the other hand, having a good ide is not always enough, if the JavaScript code written as npm package or module does not contain a good type definition file. So while developing NodeJS and use well know packages, I can navigate to source code by clicking F12 on VSCode. Than curiosity take over the job and I started to investigate what is the best practive of doing this.
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