Node.JS Nginx Manager - Part II

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This is the second post for the series of NodeJS Nginx Manager - nginx-upstream,
please consider reading the first part.

At the first part, I tried to describe how to install nginx-upstream and manage backend servers. Today, I will go for the rest of the methods of NginxUpstream class and how to use them.
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Node.JS Nginx Manager - Part I

in NodeJS

Node.JS + JavaScript and Nginx are the most popular stack that most busiest sites and APIs are using or considering to use. Especially Nginx is threatening other web servers and Node.JS / JavaScript are huge hypes around web developers.

My type of guys - software development and open source addict - won’t miss such a trend, so I have started developing an application which is a SaaS for load balancing your applications. In its core, I am using Node.JS to manage Nginx configurations. Continue reading

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