JavaScript Type Definitions and NPM Packages

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Strong Type or Not

I enjoy writing JavaScript without depending on strong type definitions, but if you can somehow understand the parameter expectaction of a function, than it is realy helpful during development, even that function accepts any type of parameter(s).

Most JavaScript editors are capable of showing coding information, while you are writing. Even though, _vi_ (vim) is my favorite, default vim is lacking of high level productivity tools. Currently, I am using Visual Studio Code (VSCode), which is working on all well know OS and has great addons like code highlighting, code snippets and intellisense.

On the other hand, having a good ide is not always enough, if the JavaScript code written as npm package or module does not contain a good type definition file. So while developing NodeJS and use well know packages, I can navigate to source code by clicking F12 on VSCode. Than curiosity take over the job and I started to investigate what is the best practive of doing this.
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